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Author: E2 Attorney

Tech Startups and the E2 Visa Part 1: Investment

Tech startups were made for the E2 visa.  We have helped tech entrepreneurs get E2 visas, and we can help you, as well.  Read on to discover how you may be positioned to launch your tech startup in the United States with the E2 visa. In this article, we dive into the investment requirement for […]

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Do I Need a Separate Work Permit After I Get the E2 Visa?

The E2 visa, as you likely know, gives you permission to work at a specific business in the United States.  In fact, the name of that business is printed right on the visa.  However, do you need a separate work permit issued by USCIS (sometimes known as an Employment Authorization Document, or an EAD card) […]

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Breaking — France E2 Visa Reciprocity Changes

E2 Visa applicants from France will soon be in for more frequent interviews.  For years, those French nationals with an E2 Visa were granted five years of validity.  During that time, they could travel internationally as frequently as needed without renewing their E2 Visa for 60 months.  Beginning on August 29, 2019, French nationals with […]

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E2 Visa Requirements — Intent

One of the fundamental E2 Visa Requirements:  Intent to Depart upon Termination of Status.  What does that mean?  Today we review the “intent” requirement in detail.  This article is the first in a series that dive deep into the E2 visa requirements.  Continue to check back for more articles explaining E2 visa requirements. Intent may […]

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