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Where Should I apply for an E2 Visa? – Instagram live

Angie: Hi! Great to see all of you here. Thanks so much for joining. Going to wait another second for Cristina to join.  Hi everybody, great to see you, we’re gonna start here in just a moment… Once Christina…. there she is. She should be here any minute, Cristina are you there? There you are! […]

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U.S. Entrepreneur Visas Live

Angie: Hi there, hi everyone! Hi Natalia, are you with me? Yes, there you are. How are you? Natalia: I am great, thank you. Angie: Fantastic. Thank you so much for everybody who joined! And it looks like we are going to actually start right on time, which will be amazing. So, we are here […]

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E2 Basics Instagram Live

Angie: Hi everybody. In case you’re joining as early, we’re actually right on time. Natalia should be joining us here in a moment. So welcome, thanks for being here. Hi there, hi everybody. Thanks so much for joining. Hello, just a few minutes we’re gonna get going in just a second. I wanted to make […]

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U.S. Consulates and Embassies Begin to Conduct E2 Visa Interviews

BREAKING – U.S. Consulates and Embassies around the world are beginning to open once again for E2 visa interviews.  At the moment, we have indications that Auckland, New Zealand; Vienna, Austria; and Frankfort and Berlin, Germany are starting interviews. This story is developing.  Check back for additional details. Contact Us Are you ready to take […]

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Stand with Australia!

We love Australia!  So many clients and friends of the firm are living in Australia or have close ties to Australia.  If you feel the same (and we know you do), please consider donating to a worthy charity helping people or animals.  There are countless organizations now taking donations, and we encourage you to research […]

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