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New Zealanders Can Now Go Through the E2 Visa Process

The KIWI Act Can Help New Zealand Nationals Get an E2 Visa in the United States The “Knowledgeable Innovators and Worthy Investors” Act, known colloquially as the “KIWI Act,” which allows New Zealanders to apply for E1 visas and E2 visas was approved and signed August 2, 2018 by Donald Trump. The KIWI Act began its journey […]

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Why You Should Hire an E2 Visa Lawyer

If you’re considering getting an E2 visa, you should be considering hiring an E2 visa lawyer to assist in the visa process. There are a number of reasons why you should hire a lawyer to assist you and your family with the E2 visa. Protect Yourself and Your Family by Hiring an E2 Visa Lawyer Hiring […]

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Getting an E2 Visa with a Complicated Business Structure

In the corporate world, complicated business structures are commonplace. This past week, I’ve met with several different business owners who have a less-than-straightforward business structure. In one case, a foreign business and an individual own the US business. Another business is owned by two individuals, but the business is working for another business and owns […]

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