What Business Should I Invest in for an E2 Visa?

What Business Should I Invest in for an E2 Visa?

If you’re interested in investing in a business in the US in order to get an E2 visa, you may be wondering about the best type of business for you. The great news is that there are no limits to the type of business you have. In addition, there are no limits on how you acquire the business. You may start a brand new business or buy an existing business. (Inheriting a business may be a problem, though.)

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are deciding what type of business is best in order to increase your chances of getting an E2 visa.

Choose a Type of Business in which You Have some Experience.

You will, in most cases, submit a resume as part of your E2 visa packet. The officers like to see that you have some knowledge of the business you are getting ready to launch in the US. This helps to ensure a successful business, which is what the officers are truly looking for. In addition, if you have some experience or knowledge of this business, your interview will go more smoothly. You will be able to give erudite answers regarding finances, etc.

Choose a Business You Believe In.

This is particularly true if you are buying a business. You want to feel positive about the business you buy. This will make you better able to “pitch” the business to the immigration officer. If you are positive and excited about the business (and, of course, you have the documents to back it up), the officer will be more excited as well. Remember, the goal here is to make sure that these new businesses in the US will be successful and will add to the economy. If you are able to convey how great this business will be, you have a better chance at the E2. visa.

Choose a Business You Want to Work In.

This really isn’t something that is important for immigration purposes, but it is important for your purposes. It’s crucial t that you are interested in the industry you pick, since you will be “directing and developing” the business for the entirety of the validity of your E2 visa. You don’t want to dread going to work. Remember you get to choose what you want to do! Do something you like!

Choose a Business in a Location that Works for You and Your Family.

Again, this isn’t something that immigration cares about. You can open a business in any state in the US without restrictions. However, keep in mind the weather, the cost of living, the cost of operating a business and the demand for the type of business you want to operate. the cost of operating the business will come into play during the E2 visa process. You will need to show the start-up cost of this business and that you have invested a “substantial” amount of that cost. So, if you have less to spend, you may want to choose a more rural, or cheaper area.

Stay Flexible in what Business You Want to Open for Your E2 Visa.

I’m dealing with two potential clients this week alone who were ready to buy a business and the sellers backed out at the last moment. Sometimes this happens. Don’t get frustrated: keep moving forward. One of the amazing elements of this E2 visa is the flexibility of the type and location of the business. So take advantage! If one business doesn’t work out, there is bound to be another perfect fit for you right around the corner.


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