Can I Use My Car as Part of the E2 Visa Investment?

Can I Use My Car as Part of the E2 Visa Investment?

Can my vehicle be used as a portion of my E2 visa investment? Possibly. The answer here lies in the use and purpose of the car. If the car is for personal use, you won’t be able to use it as part of the investment. If it’s for commercial or business use, you will be able to use it as part of the investment.

Of course, presentation is everything when it comes to the officer’s review. A few things to consider, if you’d like to use your car as part of the business investment required for an E2 visa.

What Type of Business Do you Have and What Type of Car Do you Have?

This needs to make sense. In other words, you need to be running a business that requires a vehicle, and you need to have a vehicle that would work for that business. If you’re running an appliance delivery company, a Toyota Prius won’t work as an E2 visa investment.

The Car needs to be Purchased near the Beginning of the Business.

If you purchased the car five years ago and are now going to start using it only for commercial purposes, your investment may raise a few red flags. However, if you started the business two months ago and bought the car about two weeks before that, you have a better shot at proving that the vehicle is an investment.

Consider the Lease.

There is no specific language on the car lease payment, but there is specific language regarding the office lease. The language there is that the lease payment already made before the E2 application may be used as part of the E2 investment. However, the payments not yet made won’t count. You may only count ONE future lease payment. It stands to reason that a car lease payment will fall under the same general rule.

So, before you go buy that new Range Rover for your website design company car, think twice. I love a Range as much as the next immigration lawyer, but you may not get the immigration benefit you intended.


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