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E2 Visa and Business Partners

  Hi everyone. Welcome back! I’m Angie Rupert founder of Rupert Law Group. We focus exclusively on E2 visas; so no matter what treaty country you’re from, where you want to be… we can help! Today we’re going to talk about E2 investors and the business partner. So, there are a few different ways that […]

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E2 visa trends for 2022

New year, new business!  This year, I’m happy to announce that our firm has already received so many calls and emails from people all over the world looking to make a change in 2022.  They’re ready to start or buy a business in the U.S. and move their families here.  We are ready to help!  […]

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Buying a Business to get an E2 visa

Special Guest; Michael Monnot, Business Broker Angie: Hi Everybody, great to see you. We’re gonna be starting here in just a minute… There is Michael… Let’s see if we can let him in. Michael are you there yet? There you go. Hey Michael, how is it going? Michael: Hello…. We are actually the wrong way, […]

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Can my E2 visa Dependent get a work permit?

Hi there, my name is Angie Rupert and I’m founder of the Rupert Law Group. We focus exclusively on E2 visas. Today I’d like to talk about one of the most frequently asked question that I get from potential clients all the time and that is: can my dependents get a separate work permit? And […]

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Getting a treaty country passport in order to get an E2 visa

Angie: Hi everybody, thanks for joining today.  We’ll be waiting for just a few minutes for everyone join… hey everyone, waiting just a couple of minutes and we’re going to have Michel join us here momentarily.  There he is! Hi Michel… let’s see, I’m not sure… Michel, I think you have to ask to be…there […]

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Ownership for International Entrepreneurs

 Angie: Hey everybody! Welcome, welcome back! Hey Peter! There you are… Peter: Alright, Hi Angie Angie: Welcome. So we’ll give everybody another 20 seconds or so and then we’ll do it. Oh, Peter, you’re kind of freezing up a little bit. Maybe there’s a better place with a little extra…Oh outdoors in Nashville, I […]

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Where Should I apply for an E2 Visa? – Instagram live

 Angie: Hi! Great to see all of you here. Thanks so much for joining. Going to wait another second for Cristina to join.  Hi everybody, great to see you, we’re gonna start here in just a moment… Once Christina…. there she is. She should be here any minute, Cristina are you there? There you […]

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U.S. Entrepreneur Visas Live

Angie: Hi there, hi everyone! Hi Natalia, are you with me? Yes, there you are. How are you? Natalia: I am great, thank you. Angie: Fantastic. Thank you so much for everybody who joined! And it looks like we are going to actually start right on time, which will be amazing. So, we are here […]

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