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How do I stay in the U.S. after I Graduate?

For those who have attended or are attending college in the United States, the question of what happens after graduation is always looming. Of course OPT is available to allow for work for 12 months or more, but what happens next? For many students, the reality is that there will be no job offer or job […]

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Working permits for E2 visa spouses

One of the most frequent questions I get from clients is about whether E2 visa spouses can get working permits. The short answer – yes! Once a person gets an E2 visa, whether as an investor or as an employee, the person’s spouse is eligible for a working permit. The permit, called an Employment Authorization Document (commonly […]

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E2 Visa Attorney, Angie Rupert

You don’t know me, but I know you, you’re a dreamer. You’ve got goals and ideas. You’ve got guts. You’re a dynamo, you’re an entrepreneur and you’re on a mission. You’re ready to run your business in the United States. I’m here to help. Step-by-step, we’ll take this journey together. Let’s do this.

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E2 Visa — How Many Employees do I Need?

Angie: Angie Rupert, founder of Rupert Law Group. We handle exclusively E-2 visas. And today, we are here with Marianella Manzur from Journey Business Plans. Hi, Marianella.   Marianella: Hi, Angie. Thank you for inviting me. It’s always a pleasure.   Angie: It is indeed. Thanks so much for being here. And today, Marianella and […]

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E2 Visa Common Questions: LLC vs. Incorporation

Angie: Hi, everyone. Thanks so much for joining us. I’m Angie Rupert, founder of Rupert Law Group. And thanks for joining the E2 Visa Common Questions series presented by me. Today, we’re going to be talking about LLC versus corporations, the tax benefits and disadvantages to each. Again, I’m your host, Angie Rupert, founder of […]

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E2 Visa Questions: Purchasing a Business

Angie: Hi, everyone, thanks so much for joining us. I’m Angie Rupert, founder of Rupert Law Group. We focus exclusively on E2 visas and today you have joined us for the “E2 Visa Common Questions” series hosted by me, Angie Rupert. And today we’re gonna be talking about purchasing a business for E2 visa applicants. […]

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