Benefits of the E2 Investor Visa

Benefits of the E2 Investor Visa

Ready to test the US market with your business idea? The E2 investor visa may be the best way to get your business started. This visa is available to nationals of treaty countries who can invest in a new business or buy an existing business in the United States.  These visas are perfect for those who want to work in the US, but may not have a job offer or would prefer to work for themselves by starting their own business.

1. E2 Investor Visa Benefit – Renewability

The E2 investor visa is renewable indefinitely. This means that once you get this visa and you can show you still qualify for the visa upon renewal, you can continue to renew as many times as you’d like. This is obviously a huge benefit for E2 investor visa holders. As long as you and the business still qualify for the visa, you won’t “time out” of the visa.

2. E2 Investor Visa Benefit – Family

If you qualify for the E2 investor visa, you can bring your family with you. This means that your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old can come with you. Another bonus – your spouse can get permission to work and can work anywhere by getting an EAD card.

3. E2 Investor Visa Benefit – Independence

You don’t need a job offer! This visa is all about you and your business. No one needs to petition you. Once you show that you qualify for the business, you can get the E2 visa. You are not dependent upon others.

4. E2 Investor Visa Benefit – Speed

The processing time for this visa is incredibly fast (by immigration standards). In a matter of a few months (exact times vary depending on a variety of factors), you could be moving to the US to start a business. Since you are interested in investing in the US, the process is typically faster than other types of visas and green cards.

5. E2 Investor Visa Benefit – Choice

You can choose the business. There is almost no limit to the type of business you can start or purchase.

6. E2 Investor Visa Benefit – Accessibility

The amount of money needed to invest is much less than other visas.  Another investment option for foreign nationals is the EB-5.  This visa requires a minimum investment of $500,000 and also requires a certain number of full-time employees.  On the other hand, the E2 investment visa has no minimum investment requirement – some people have gotten visas with an investment of $30,000.

The bottom line for E2 investment visas – this is a reality for you.  Let’s talk today about what type of business you’re interested in starting.  We could be meeting in person in the US in as few as three months.  Let’s get going. You can do this!


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