Buying an Existing Business or Starting a New One with an E2 Visa

Buying an Existing Business or Starting a New One with an E2 Visa

One of the first choices you will make as a potential E2 visa investor is whether you want to start a new E2 visa business or to buy an existing business. Obviously, there are pros and cons to both options; but one thing to keep in mind is that this decision is totally up to you. You can qualify for an E2 investor visa from a treaty country by purchasing an existing business or starting your own from scratch, both are valid options. There is absolutely no difference from the government’s perspective as to which option you choose. Both are acceptable for the E2 visa and both are frequently approved.

There are a few things to ask yourself in order to determine which option is best for you when considering the E2 visa business. Once you have made your decision, one of the major hurdles in your E2 visa application will be complete. Take this quick quiz to determine the best option for you when considering a business.

What is Your Work Style?

  1. I like to be in complete control of my time, my schedule and my business.
  2. I like to have a little guidance and support in my business.

What type of business are you interested in running?

  1. I want to run something that is of my own creation.
  2. I want to have a general business plan already in place.

How Do you Want to Get Through the E2 Visa Business Application Process?

  1. I want the most streamlined E2 visa application process, even if I need a few extra documents.
  2. I’m OK waiting a little bit on third parties as long as the documents are clear.

If you answered more “1s” than “2s,” you may want to consider starting your own business from scratch. You will be in complete control of the business from day one, you will be able to create a business plan and specific business goals based only on your business and the process can happen quickly without having to consult with or wait on third parties (sellers) who may not be familiar with the E2 visa process.

If you answered more “2s” than “1s,” you may want to buy an existing business. If you choose a franchise, you will have some guidance and support; any purchased business will have a history of financials, which should give you a general business plan and goals; and third parties can help you get the documents you need (instead of creating them on your own).

Remember that there is no “right” answer to the question of buying an existing business or starting a new business when it comes to E2 visa businesses. This is a decision that is entirely up to you! If you’d like more information on this incredibly important step in the E2 visa process, please consider contacting these qualified professionals. And when you have chosen your business, please contact us.


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