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Want to live in Los Angeles on the E2 Visa?

Want to live in Los Angeles on the E2 Visa?

Always dreamed about having an E2 visa in Los Angeles?  There’s a lot to love — the sun, the beach and movie stars (yes, they are actually seen “in the wild” in Los Angeles).  As an E2 visa attorney and a Los Angeles resident, I can tell you that there is no place like La-La Land.  Many of my clients have received E2 visas and set up their businesses right here in Los Angeles.

If you’re considering moving to Los Angeles to run a business, it will be helpful to have some local information:

  1. Los Angeles has beautiful weather! You probably already know this, but Los Angeles has some of the best weather in the United States. In addition to 284 days of sun every year, the average daily temperatures range from 68 degrees in January to 85 degrees in August.  (Need to convert to Celsius?)
  2. There are more than 10 million people in Los Angeles County. What does this mean? In addition to plenty of traffic (one of the downsides to Los Angeles), this means that there is room for your business and you clients!  No matter what type of business you want to run, chances are the locals can support it.  As long as you have a solid business plan and plenty of determination, you can make your business a success in Los Angeles.
  3. Los Angeles is central to the rest of the world. If you find that you need to travel extensively in order to develop and direct your E2 business, Los Angeles is a great place to be.  LAX, the main airport, has nearly 1,600 flights daily to nearly every airport on the planet.  In addition, there are four other airports in the area to make travel even more convenient.  Not to mention the Long Beach port, which sees more than 7.5 million 20-foot container units each year.  This is approximately 20% of the loaded units entering the United States ports.  If you, or your goods, need to travel, Los Angeles is the place to make it happen.
  4. There is a neighborhood for you! No matter where you are from on the planet, and no matter what type of environment you like, there is a neighborhood for you in Los Angeles.  We have horse properties, beach properties, mountain properties, city properties, suburban properties and country properties right here in Los Angeles.  Want to be able to walk to Ethiopian restaurants?  We have it! Want to ski every afternoon after work? We have it.  Want to live among movies studios? We have it.
  5. The schools are incredible. If you’re interested in ensuring a great education for your family, Los Angeles is the place.  With more than 1,200 public schools and more than 1,100 private schools, you can find the education that is best for your child.

You’ve likely done a ton of research on the E2 visa so far, which is a start.  But now it’s time to research the location in the United States where you’d like to live.  An E2 visa in Los Angeles may be perfect for your business and your family!

Need more information on the E2 visa or living in Los Angeles?  Please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.  I’m thrilled to help.