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The E2 Visa – Still one of the best options for those wanting to come to the US

The E2 Visa – Still one of the best options for those wanting to come to the US

It’s not often that I write a blog post like this.  In fact, I’ve never written a blog post like this.  But, in times like this, it’s necessary.  And we at Rupert Law Group do what is necessary for our clients!  To that end, I wanted to write up a few things to consider during this time of uncertainty.  Whether you already have an E2, have started investing but don’t have the visa yet or you’re making plans for the future – the E2 visa is still an amazing option for you, your family and your business.

Consider what you bring to the United States:

  1. You bring your talents and ideas. Now more than ever, the United States needs entrepreneurs with enthusiasm and skill.  We need people who have great business ideas and who are ready to get to work immediately.
  2. You bring “hiring” power. Many US citizens who are excited about this one. If you are willing to hire US employees, you are coming to the US at the perfect time!  There are so many willing, able and skilled US employees who are ready to work hard for you in your business.
  3. You bring investment dollars into the US. You are the future of our economy.  We all know this, and we all appreciate this.  Your investment is power in the United States.

Consider what the US market brings to you:

  1. The United States is the largest economy in the world. No matter what industry you are currently involved in in your home country, the market here is likely larger.  More potential customers, more money, more orders.
  2. The E2 visa has an incredibly high approval rate overall. This is indicative of the way E2 visa investors are viewed in the US.  The United States loves E2 investors!

Consider the current “virus” environment:

  1. Get more for your money. For those of you who work in Euros, Pounds or Swiss Francs, the US dollar is still a deal for you.  You’ll get more for your money in the United States.
  2. Get higher quality employees. Depending on your industry, the United States has many ready employees.  There have been recent layoffs in the restaurant and hospitality industries, and those employees are ready to get to work!  You will have some amazing employee options in cities all over the United States.
  3. Get business immediately. Whenever a door closes, a window opens.  No matter what your industry, there are ways to shift to meet the “new normal.”  And, if you don’t already have an E2, you may be able to change your E2 visa business idea based on current trends. If you are interested in running any of the following types of businesses, you could be in for a record earnings year:
    1. Logistics
    2. Delivery
    3. Medical goods/supplies
    4. Home health care
    5. Online tutoring/education
  4. Get great deals with vendors. If you depend on vendors (particularly within the United States), this may be the best time to get deals on the goods and services you need in order to run your business.

The bottom line?  The United States is still an amazing place to do business, and the E2 visa is one of the most amazing ways to get to the US.  No matter where you are in the E2 visa process, we are happy to speak with you to help you figure out the best direction for you and your business.  Feel free to reach out anytime. We are here for you!