E2 Visa Requirements for Canadians


E2 Visas for Canadians

If you are a Canadian citizen, you likely already know you are eligible for the E2 visa. The valid treaty between the United States and Canada went into effect on January 1, 1994.

You may be interested in the E2 for the better weather (many Canadian E2 visa hopefuls search for businesses in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida). Or, you could be looking to expand your market. Generally speaking, the United States market is 4 times larger than the Canadian market.  Others may be coming to the U.S. to be near friends and family. No matter what the reason, the E2 visa is a great option for Canadians.

Has Rupert Law Group handled Canadian E2 visa applications?

Absolutely! In fact, we handle more Canadian E2 visa applications each year than any other country.  It would be an honor to speak with you about your E2 visa process in Canada.

Our recent Canada E2 visa approvals

We handle more Canadian clients than any other nationality.  This table highlights only a few of our most recent Canadian E2 visa approvals.

table about the cases that have been approved for canadian citizens

*This client could have received the interview sooner, but he chose to move the interview out due to personal reasons.

**This client changed status in the U.S. instead of going to the consulate in Toronto.

Interview for Canadian E2 visa applicants

As a Canadian citizen, you have a few advantages when it comes to traveling to the United States.  Even without an E2 interview, you can get the TN visa, come on vacation or for short business trips and work as an executive as an L1 visa holder.  The same cannot be said for the E2 visa, however.  All Canadian E2 visa applicants must attend an interview.  At this time, the only U.S. consulate that handles new E2 visa investor interviews is Toronto.  Even if you live in Vancouver or Calgary, all new E2 visa investors must travel to Toronto to have your E2 visa interview.

U.S. Consulate in Toronto
The U.S. Consulate in Toronto

Canada E2 visa page limits

Note that the U.S. consulate in Canada has a strict page limit of a total of 70 pages for all E2 visa applicants. This can sometimes be difficult to attain given the complexity of E2 visas; however, Rupert Law Group years of experience editing documents in order to comply with Canada E2 visa requirements.

Why hire a U.S. lawyer for an E2 visa?

There are many attorneys and immigration and business consultants who handle Canadian E2 visa applications.  In fact, it may be tempting to hire someone who is geographically close to you.  However, please note that the E2 visa is not a Canadian process.  It is a United States process handled in Canada. Therefore, the appropriate E2 visa legal advice is based on United States law and regulations. You should hire someone who has passed a bar examination in the United States in order to assure that you have the best United States legal advice.

In other words, don’t let the location of the interview mislead you to believe that Canada law or regulation has anything to do with the E2 visa. The E2 visa requirements and adjudication are based solely on United States regulations. An experienced United States E2 lawyer is the best source of legal information when it comes to this visa.

Is the E2 visa popular for Canadians?

Yes!  In fact, Canada has approximately 43,000 E2 visa interviews each year.  Canada approves more E2 visa applicants than almost every other country on earth.  In other words – Canadians love the E2 visa, and the United States loves Canadian E2 visa applicants.

Visa validity

For Canadians, the E2 visa can be valid for up to five years.  During this time, you will be able to travel inside and outside of the United States at your leisure.

Visa reciprocity fee

Once you get the E2 visa, you and each derivative family member must pay the U.S. government a “visa reciprocity fee.”  This will be paid on the day of the interview if you are approved.  Although the United States has changed these fees for nationals from a variety of countries, Canadians are still paying $40 USD per applicant.

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