Why You Should Hire an E2 Visa Lawyer

Why You Should Hire an E2 Visa Lawyer

If you’re considering getting an E2 visa, you should be considering hiring an E2 visa lawyer to assist in the visa process. There are a number of reasons why you should hire a lawyer to assist you and your family with the E2 visa.

Protect Yourself and Your Family by Hiring an E2 Visa Lawyer

Hiring an E2 visa lawyer in the United States guarantees a certain level of protection for you. All licensed attorneys in the US belong to a state bar. These organizations are overseen by groups of people who are in the business of protecting the consumer. This means that if a licensed attorney violates an ethics standard or does anything else against the rules and regulations of the state bar, they can be sanctioned or disbarred. If you work with a licensed attorney, you know that the lawyer has passed certain standards and will work ethically.

You Can Rely on Your Attorney’s Experience

Hiring an attorney who is not only licensed, but has experience with E2 visas is crucial. Almost every case has a hurdle to be overcome. If you hire an attorney with E2 visa experience, they will likely have seen a case similar to yours and will know how to overcome whatever hurdle may stand between you and your visa.

Take the Weight off of Your Shoulders

Investing in a business and moving to a new country can be incredibly stressful. Don’t take on that stress alone. Hire an attorney to help deal with the many factors of your case. You should be concentrating on the business, not the immigration. Let an experienced E2 visa attorney assist in the process. You’ll sleep better.

Save Money

Although hiring an experienced E2 visa attorney may be more expensive than hiring a paralegal or a “business consultant” or, in the worst case, doing it yourself: you will save money in the long run. That’s right — paying a few more dollars up front will SAVE money in the long run. Hiring someone without a license to practice law in the US can mean big money down the road.

If you are denied because your original application wasn’t handled properly, you will need to hire an attorney to help “fix” the problems. In addition, if you don’t have the proper legal assistance, you may have to renew your E2 visa sooner and will likely need to pay someone to help in that renewal. Fewer renewals mean fewer expenses.

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