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How Long Does it Take to Get an E2 Visa?

How Long Does it Take to Get an E2 Visa?

If you’re considering buying or starting a new business in the United States, chances are that you are currently here on a visitor’s visa or ESTA.  This means your time in the US is limited, and let’s face it – time is money when it comes to business immigration.

Getting an E2 Investor Visa in the United States

There is good news and bad news when it comes to the timing of the E2 Visa, and it’s all the same – you are in charge of the timeline (for the most part).  Most clients are with me for three-four months.  However, I’ve had clients glide through the process in 6 weeks, and I’ve had some clients work on the E2 visa for more than a year.  Here is the timeline of events to get an E2 Visa:

  1. Decide upon a business in the US. Sometimes this can take years, but chances are, if you’re reading this post, you have already made this decision.
  2. Make sure you have at least $100,000 to invest into this US business.
  3. Once you start working with Rupert Law Group, you will need to gather all the documents requested in order to officially apply for the E2 visa. This is the portion of the process that typically takes the longest.  Most clients take 2-3 months to gather these documents.  (These documents include, among other things, bank statements, receipts, purchase agreements, copies of your passport, and the like.)
  4. Once the documents are gathered, we work on the application for 1-2 weeks.
  5. After we have completed the E2 Visa submission packet, Rupert Law Group will send the documents to the US consulate/embassy or USCIS for review.
  6. The officer with whom you do the E2 visa interview will usually approve or deny the E2 visa at the time of the interview. If approved, you will hand over your passport in order to get the visa.  Your passport will be mailed to you about 5 business days later.

Domestic E2 Visa Processing Time

In the case of applying for an E2 visa at a domestic USCIS center – the documents can be reviewed in about two weeks. But, please keep in mind that USCIS may issue an “RFE” (request for evidence) that can take several more weeks to respond to and two more weeks (or more) for USCIS to review.

E2 Visa Processing Time at a US Consulate or Embassy

In the case of the US consulate/embassy – the documents are reviewed, and the E2 visa interview is scheduled in about 4-8 weeks. (These times vary based upon the case load at the specific consulate/embassy and the specific consulate/embassy policies.)

Once you receive the E2 visa, you can get on an airplane and come to the United States to start working in your business.  Your spouse will need to apply for a separate work permit, however.  (At this time, these are taking approximately 3-4 months to approve.)

Ready to get started? So am I.  Please call today to share information about your business and immigration goals.  It will be a pleasure to help!