Mexico E2 Visa Validity Extended


Mexico E2 Visa Validity Extended

Mexico E2 visa hopefuls, rejoice! The US Department of State has recently extended the E2 visa renewal period for Mexican nationals from one year to four years.

From one year to four years

Up until this change in validity, those E2 visa investors and employees who held Mexican passports would be approved for visa validity for one year. This means that, for one year after the visa was approved, the Mexican national could travel freely without renewal. With this change, E2 visa investors and employees with Mexican passports will be able to travel freely for up to four years before renewing the visa. The E2 visa continues to remain renewable indefinitely as long as the visa applicant and the underlying business meet all visa requirements.

Change in E2 Visa Fees for Mexico

With the change in validity comes a change in fees, as well. With the one-year validity, Mexican E2 visa holders would pay a “visa reciprocity fee” of $42. With the four-year validity period, the visa holder will pay $296. Although the fees have increased, the freedom of three additional years without renewal are well worth this extra cost.

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