Recent Canadian E2 Visas Approvals

If you are a Canadian interested in the E2 visa, you are not alone!  In fact, about fifty percent of our clients are from the great north.  We are familiar with the consulate in Toronto and how they tend to review E2 visa application.  Our goal is to help our clients focus on the requirements that the consular officers tend to give more weight, and to know which issues within a case could case additional questions at the consulate.

Because of our experience and incredible clients, we have been able to help many Canadians get the E2 visa. Of course, in the world of immigration, there are no guarantees; but we know that many of you have questions about the types of businesses that work best for the E2 visa, the locations our clients move to and more.

Recent E2 Visa Approvals for Canadian Clients

To that end, here are a few of our recent cases approved for our Canadian clients.  This is by no means a complete list of clients or types of businesses that have been approved.  However, we created this list in order to give you a sense of how different the approvable businesses can be.

With that, let’s delve into the details of these exciting Canadian ventures and the pathways they have opened for those ambitious entrepreneurs.

Let’s start by highlighting the versatility of the E2 visa, emphasizing that almost any type of business is eligible as long as the business is legal, has a “for profit” tax designation, can generate enough revenue to pay employees and has customers or clients. From Texas to California; and from Montana to Minnesota, Canadians have ventured into a variety of industries, showing the wide range of opportunities offered by these investor visas.

Here are the most recent approvals listed by type of business and location:

  1. Aeronautical Recruiting Company; Location: Texas
  2. AI Consulting Business; Location: California
  3. Coffee Shop (Acquisition of an existing business); Location: Minnesota
  4. Marketing Company (E1 Visa); Location: Canada (with frequent travel to the United States)
  5. Hair Salon; Location: California
  6. Agricultural Consulting Business; Location: Montana
  7. Insurance Company; Location: Chicago

If you are ready to start your E2 visa journey or have questions about these visas (E2 or E1), please contact us. It would be a pleasure to discuss your E2 visa business ideas!

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