Updates on the E2 visa process for Canadians

Hello, neighbors to the north! Canadians are one of the largest groups of E2 visa investors in the world, and the numbers are increasing. Some Canadians want to come to the U.S. for warmer weather, connections with family members, medical care, larger client/customer pools and more. No matter what YOUR reason for wanting to come to the U.S. on the E2 visa, we are excited to give invaluable insights, updates, and crucial points regarding the E2 visa process for Canadians.

As a Canadian E2 visa applicant, there are some great changes in the visa application process including the following:

1. Visa Reciprocity Fee Elimination:

Exciting news for Canadian applicants! Up until recently, Canadians had to pay $40 for a “visa reciprocity fee” if the E2 visa was approved. That additional fee has been eliminated! Canadians now pay only the regular DS-160 fee, which is $215 per person (including spouses and children).

2. Toronto: The only E2 Visa interview location for many

Yes! The U.S. has several consulates across the great country of Canada. However, for the E2 visa interview, most Canadians must go to Toronto in order to participate in an interview. Regardless of your location within Canada, all applicants must travel to Toronto for the interview process. Small exceptions exist for family members of already-approved E2 visa investors or employees associated with existing E2 companies. However for E2 investors applying for the first time (and their families, if they have interviews at the same time), Toronto remains the only destination for E2 visa interviews.

3. Toronto E2 Visa Interview Times

In the last 12 months or so, E2 visa processing times in Toronto have sped up, perhaps mirroring or even surpassing pre-pandemic wait times. In 2019, Canadians could expect wait times of 5-7 weeks after submitting the documents in order to schedule an interview. During COVID, interviews were on hold for much of 2020; and even into the end of 2022, wait times were 12 weeks or so. Since 2023 to the present, Canadian E2 visa applicants can expect wait times of approximately 4-6 weeks from the date the application is submitted to the consulate until the date of the interview. Of course, this could change at any time, but this trend has been fairly consistent for at least the last 12 months or so. This is a huge benefit to Canadian entrepreneurs and investors. .

4. Page Limit Considerations:

If you have begun the E2 visa document gathering process, you know that the information needed can be overwhelming. That said, the consulate only wants the “main points” of the application. To that end, the consulate has instituted a 70 page limit for the application. Although that may sound like quite a lot, an E2 visa application without page limits could easily reach 300-500 pages of documents. Therefore, it’s crucial to speak with an E2 visa lawyer early in the process. We can guide you regarding what order to collect documents, pitfalls to watch out for that will “waste” pages, and more. At Rupert Law Group, our we take pride in our ability to cut extraneous pages while still providing enough evidence for the consulate and crafting compelling applications. Rest assured that we will work hard to create the most straightforward, yet complete and consistent application we can.

5. Consulate Expertise and Fair Adjudication:

The U.S. Consulate in Toronto has extensive experience and expertise in processing E2 visa applications. Not only are the consular officers well versed in the complexities of the E2 visa, but they also exhibit fairness and consistency in their adjudication process. This familiarity with E2 visa requirements and expectations infuses applicants with confidence, facilitating a smoother application experience. In addition to the officers’ extensive E2 visa training, we at Rupert Law Group have sent many E2 visa applicants to Toronto, and through experience know which documents the officers in Toronto tend to review more closely. In other words, E2 visa applications – both assembly and adjudication – take a lot of experience.

As a conclusion, to our Canadian friends interested in E2 visas, the landscape appears promising with streamlined processes, fee eliminations, and expert consulate support in Toronto.

If you are interested in the E2 visa, please reach out anytime. We would be thrilled to speak with you about your E2 visa.

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